Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

jezebel caterpillar mistletoe 300x225 Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Jezebel caterpillar on brush mistletoe, Ballina

A vast array of pests and diseases can impact on tree health and condition.

Michael is professionally trained and experienced in tree pest and disease identification and management.  This includes Integrated Pest Management solutions that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

Where necessary, we work with colleagues to provide specialist tree diagnostic tests for internal decay using Picus Sonic Tomograph.

termite risk tree Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Subsidiary nest of Coptotermes Termite in branch fork. Coptotermes termites tunnel through tree heartwood reducing wood strength and increasing risk of failure, Murwillumbah

Our services include:

  • Tree pest, disease and disorder assessment, diagnosis & treatment
  • Tree vigor and health assessments (eg starch tests)
  • Tree injection
  • Tree root assessments
  • Soil treatments, eg drenches, soil injection, de-compaction, fertiliser programs/nutrient supplementation

Together with colleagues we offer a full range of tree services:

  • Tree pruning, eg crown thinning, remedial/restorative, selective, reduction and formative pruning
  • Root barrier installation
  • Tree removal (unwanted or hazardous trees)
  • Tree transplanting
  • Cabling & bracing
  • Storm damage repair
  • Tree planting


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