Pre-clearing Services

Pre-clearing Services

Sugar glider captured during vegetation clearing, care for and relocated at dusk in suitable habitat nearby.

Sugar glider rescued during vegetation clearing, Devil’s Pulpit via Woodburn.

Pre-clearing survey may be required as conditions of development consent, particularly where vegetation clearing may impact native animals & sensitive habitats.

Arbor Ecological provide pre clearing plant community survey and assessment services directly prior to vegetation removal. Pre-clearing surveys take into account previous flora and fauna assessments, threatened species, fauna habitats and signs of fauna use of a site.

Care is taken to inspect hollow-bearing trees, ground litter, rock outcrops and other fauna habitats to detect cryptic and other species.

Green tree-snake relocated prior to vegetation clearing, Byron Bay

Green tree-snake, Alstonville

Our pre-clearing works include:

  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP) pre-clearing assessments for arboreal mammals in tree branch hollows prior to hazard branch & tree removal, Mount Lindesay Highway, via Kyogle
  • Nocturnal stag-watch, fauna spotlighting & call playback for threatened species; daytime pre clearing fauna searches; and arboreal mammal & lizard spotter catcher works during tree removal, Tabbimoble via Woodburn for the Pacific Highway upgrade
  • Spotter catcher works for road culvert repair and replacement, Tintenbar via Ballina.
  • Targeted pre clearing fauna searches for land subdivision, Goonellabah via Lismore
  • Pre clearing tree and habitat assessments & fauna spotter catcher works for a foreshore development and rehabilitation project, Cardwell North Queensland
  • Pre clearing assessment for survey and construction of an Endangered Coastal Emu population trial fence, Tucabia via Grafton
  • Monitor threatened Grey-headed Flying-fox responses to vegetation clearing near residences and businesses, Casino


Click on the photos below for more information on our Pre-clearing Survey projects, or to discuss your project requirements please contact us.